2 thoughts on “Low-carb baby skis Whistler on Christmas Day

  1. Hello Jay,

    Great Video and Isabella amazing .. you should bring her to Mout Baldy over here in the West Kootenays … then we could watch and see. I told a friend who wants to be pregnant without carbohydrates about you and Isabella and suggested she review this blog page. Our group is doing well with low carb low fat but you know the fellow who is doing the best is eating high fat and very low carbs .. since October 17 he has lost 60 pounds, Take care .. Julie and James from Midway

    Dr Jay’s Reply:

    Yes, my little girl is amazing. Aren’t all parents hardwired to think that, though? I’d love to go to Mount Baldy sometime but we are so spoiled because we live so close to Whistler that we never go anywhere else to ski. I am glad to hear of the progress of your dieters, especially the LCHF fellow. I hope those folks who are losing weight on low-carb low-fat understand that once they stop burning off body fat, they will need to add fat back into their diet. If they add carbs at that point, the risk is high of a complete relapse. Keep up the good work!

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