Some of my current favourite recipes

Beanless Chilli

2 lbs ground beef (1/2 Costco package)
2 lbs ground pork (1/2 Costco package)
9 hot Italian sausages skinned (one Costco package)
1 large onion diced
20+ stalks of celery diced
2 large cans Italian tomatoes (from Italy)
2 cans chicken broth
2 cups water
4 Tbsp basil
4 Tbsp oregano
2 Tbsp ground cummin
6 Tbsp chilli powder
2 tsp salt
2 tsp cayenne (optional depending on how hot the chilli powder is)

saute the onion and celery in lard, coconut oil or butter and transfer to large cooking pot
mix the spices in a bowl
fry the ground meat and sausage in batches, adding spices to each
batch, transfer to large pot
add tomatoes, chicken broth and water and simmer on low heat for about an hour

Let it sit at room temp for a day and then put it in meal-sized freezer containers with a dollop of sour cream and green salsa.

This makes about 20 servings.

Frittata recipe

12 omega-3 eggs
2/3 cup cream
8 strips bacon cooked and chopped
2/3 cup diced onion
2/3 cup chopped mushrooms (one Costco can of Money’s mushrooms)
1-1/2 cup grated cheese
optional –  1/2 can of chipotle peppers, finely chopped (adds a bit of hot spiciness)
coarse pepper

mix eggs, cream, salt and pepper in a large bowl

in a large skillet, fry onions and mushrooms in bacon fat or lard on medium/high heat
add bacon and chipotle pepper

add egg mixture and stir with spatula until mostly cooked
top with grated cheese and cover pan on low heat until fully cooked

put under broiler until cheese starts to turn brown

transfer to cutting board, let cool and cut into wedges

Can be stored in a container in the fridge for up to a week and
microwaved for a quick breakfast.

You can use different veggies, spices and cheeses for variations on the theme.

I eat it accompanied with fresh tomato and Hellman’s mayo.


Pork Pesto
2 pork tenderloins
2 cans Money’s mushrooms
1/2 jar of Costco Pesto
1 cup cream cheese (+/-)
1 cup whipping cream (+/-)
small onion, finely chopped
chopped garlic
1 cup grated Parmesan
slice the pork into medallions and saute with the onion and garlic in a large skillet
add remaining ingredients while keeping the heat to a low simmer so as not to overcook the basil
That’s it!
Salad Dressing
2 Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp mayo
2 tsp white wine vinegar
2 tsp balsamic vinegar
course pepper
pinch of Equal


66 thoughts on “Some of my current favourite recipes

  1. Those are really good recipes.

    The problem I got is those 20 portions, I would eat 10 portions in each of two days, all by myself.

    One big meal each day.

    Resulting in to too high a carb count for me for the day.

    The hybrid tomatoes.

    Portion control is like starvation for me, I must eat at least one large meal.

    I have to hold closer to large portions of nice fat meat and eggs, and cooked really good like you do.

    Several pretty large meals a day also works for me.

    As long as I stay low low carb I am OK.

    I do slip in onions and garlic cloves sometimes and low low carb vegetables.

    Even real “Wild Rice” at times and sometimes even fairly often.

    Wild Rice doesn’t trigger me.

    Wild game is great too and contrary to popular belief, has a lot of fat most of the time.

    I like that a lot.


  2. I lost 119# eating very similar to what you recommend from October 2006 through about 2001.

    (With the addition of wild rice and deer meat.)

    Sporadicly on the deer meat and wild rice.

    Mostly other store bought meats and low low carb vegetables and eggs.

    I did eat about five deer and about 40# of wild rice during that time frame.

    Nice fat Whitetail Deer.

    Yearlings about 60# meat and fat each.

    Ribs, necks, everything.

    True, wild rice.

    I went from 367# down to 248# in that time frame.

    About five years of eating well.

    No starvation.

    It was great.

    Slow, but no problem with that.

    I then started binging and regained 30# back in 2001 and stayed close to that at 278#, until late just this last winter, when I broke down again and went from 278# up to 325#, once more.

    That was early this year 2013.

    About eight months ago.

    I’m now back down to 310# as of last week and slowly working my way back down again until I get to my low mark of 248# and then on down from there.


    It will take years.

    Years of feeling better and better all the way and never once starving or exercising myself to death.

    I’m fully detoxed right now from all of the sugars and carbs and “swearing” I will never let binge eating enter my life again.

    Binging is where all of my weight gains have come from.

    I have been totally 100% on diet for about six of these last seven years.

    That’s hard to believe but true.

    My weight gains have always been, days and weeks of binging, occasionally a month or more but mostly just days at a time and then back on diet again.

    The famous roller coaster ride.

    Up and down.

    The yo-yo dieting we hear so much about.

    Not fun.

    Then I go right back on diet.

    I will get there or die trying and I don’t expect to die anytime soon.

    I’m 68 years old and will be 69 in April.

    For me it’s stay in the realm of very low low carbs and everything works great.

    Get very far up from that and things start happening.

    Like cravings and desires.

    I am very much a sugar and carbohydrate addict and compulsive eater.

    I got to really watch myself.

    When I do, everything works perfectly.

    My mental state is also profoundly effected by sugars and starches and carbs in general.

    Caffeine and alcohol and nicotine also effect me profoundly.

    I don’t think anything would work for me, if I was not full detoxed and off from all that stuff.

    I’m sixteen years clean now from everything.

    I had been a user for over forty years and counting.

    Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana.

    Amphetamines and cocaine only on a few occasions but quite a bit in all.

    LSD, a few times.

    It’s all shit.

    Prescription drugs the worst of all, or at least as bad.

    Handed out like candy.

    I wish I had known.

    I went along with the crowd.

    Your typical ten year old, sneaking off into the woods to smoke tobacco with my friends.

    I feel great in all regards when I’m fully detoxed from sugar and carbs and free of everything else.

    If I eat or drink sugar or carbs, everything goes to hell.

    There isn’t any question that native traditional is the way to go, or as close as we can get to it anyway.

    I always say to people to head off into those woods or whatever terrain where they happen to live, and start living off from the land and then come tell me how much sugars and starches and carbs they end up consuming vs wild game and fish and bugs and worms and whatever else their is.

    I think the ratios from anywhere on the planet earth come in at about 95% fats and meats and protein, and about 5% sugars and carbs in the way of plant life.

    No matter where you live or what’s available to you.

    Partly if not mostly, from our innate desires for survivability and satiety as well as our overall well being and health and enjoyment.

    Our instincts.

    Natures perfect plan.

    You and Gary Taubes have been kind of in a lull lately, at least outwardly, but it’s comforting to know that neither one of you have wavered from your original discoveries.

    Keep up the great work.

    Thousands of years of mindsets don’t open up to change easily.

    Even if the obvious truth sits right before them.

    The addiction factor a big part in all this, I believe.

    “Don’t take away the babies toy or something good that he is eating or drinking and holding onto”.

    You will have a fight on your hands.

    Even if he is powerless to fight so big a person and must just cry.

    He’ll do a good job of crying and getting his message across, you can be sure of that.

    An adult for the most part won’t even consider an absence from sugar and carbs.

    Thanks for listening and have a good day.


  3. I have an excellent flax bread recipe that satisfies instead of high carb bread.
    Flax Bread
    In a high sided small bowl, mix together
    4 Tbsp of ground flax
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    pinch of salt
    1 egg
    either two tbsp of water or 1 tbsp of melted butter
    mix to a paste
    microwave on high for 11/2 to 2 mins
    turn upside down on a cutting board and let cool slightly before slicing for bread or toast
    I also add cheese on occasion.
    I found this on the internet and use it all the time.

  4. I beg you to watch that PBS Documentary regarding King Henry Vlll in it’s entirety.

    Profound does’t begin to describe it.

    Especially for a Native American.

    Thank You, Tom

  5. Wednesday, October 30, 2013
    These are the monsters that came across the waters to what we came to call “America”… The New World. These 500 Years Ago, North America and Central and South America (These are the two contrasts side by side and true)(A remarkable history)
    (Before and After, Carbohydrate Consumption).

    “High” on sugars and sweets and starches and caffeine and alcohol and then added nicotine from the “New” World.

    These marauding armies took over the whole world.

    The entire planet earth was either boxed in or taken.

    White Europeans.

    The Kingdoms.

    They themselves having “risen” and formed armies themselves to fight and kill “other” invading armies throughout the centuries and millenniums before.

    Armies from Africa and Asia.

    Hundreds of thousands and million man armies on horseback with guns and swords and killing everything in sight

    Taking all.

    “All the kings horses, and all the kings men”.

    Beheaded themselves if they didn’t fight merrily and gallantly.

    Nobody knows for certain which came first or who was the first to go crazy from the stimulants.

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg.

    It was fast and spread like wildfire for hundreds and then thousands of years.

    Whole races and nations falling before these armies.

    Men, women and children and babies.

    No one spared.

    Just like “Hitler”.

    Killing all.

    The “Americas” and much of the rest of the world was still “virgin” and unscathed five hundred years ago.

    1492 to 1992

    521 years to be exact from 1492 until 2013.

    North Africa and Asia and Europe had been going at it for some thousands of years at this point but for millions of years they had been pristine and virgin.

    The Egyptians,

    The Roman Empire,

    The Mongolians and Genghis Khan.





    The Church of England.


    What makes this timeframe so important to me is the contrast between the two and the “what the next five hundred years brought”.

    Historians are a lot better at this than I am.

    I just see the big picture.

    The big picture and the small picture actually.

    The forest and the trees.

    These whites that came across those waters then became slave breeders and farmers in the new country.

    Turning the whole earth into their “profit” frontier.

    Taking everything from the indians and brutally killing them all.

    Slaughtering the trees and buffalo herds.

    Taking all.

    Ruthless insanity from the beginning to then end and still today.

    Rewriting laws and transferring wealth about.

    Slaughtering the remaining earth.

    Say anything and you are “blasphemous”.

    To speak against the king.

    To be beheaded.

  6. Albert Einstein 1879 – 1955 — During the final stage of his life, Einstein transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle, arguing that “the vegetarian manner of living by its purely physical effect on the human temperament would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind”.

  7. Now that my carbohydrate addiction is one again at “bay”, I can enjoy some of your favorite recipes.

    Even if I do eat ten or twenty portions at a time.

    It’s still only fifty or a hundred grams of sugars once a day in a two or three pound meal and losing weight.

    For some reason wild rice works for me.

    I’ll never figure that one out.

    Best to you.

  8. Dr. Jay

    Here is a very important discovery.

    I happened upon this on a on and off basis over these last several years, these last few days it has come into full fruition.

    About an hour ago, this morning to be exact, right now, the light came on as to what I have just fully discovered.

    I got on my scale this morning and was two pounds down for the day.

    Having lost fifty pounds these last four months or so.

    I turn my heat off each evening about an hour or two before bedtime.

    Zero heat in my house from six PM in the evening, to about six or eight AM in the morning.

    Being in ketosis by being on 100% Atkins 1972 Induction, for several months, helps.

    I’m already burning fat for energy and heat and life in general, by being in ketosis rather than feeding off from carbs and intake as most routinely do.

    It’s -20 Below Zero F nights here, and about zero days right now.

    My house is ice cold at night.

    Freezing ice cold.

    I love it.

    I do not have running water in my house and my food is kept frozen until near the time I cook it so my house being about zero degrees and below at night doesn’t cause me any problems at all.

    My energy costs come in at about half.

    The green and footprint aspect in all this is significant.

    That’s why I do it.

    We could cut the worlds energy consumption by half.

    But that’s not my discovery.

    Being already in Ketosis and now sleeping in my goose down sleeping bags,two of them, one on top and one on the bottom, and goose down comforters on top of that and a wool blanket on top of everything and a goose down pillow to go with it.

    Sleeping on a queen size mattress and box spring off the floor in a bed frame.

    I am warm as toast.

    We know that goose down or blankets and clothing does not heat us.

    It keeps our body heat close to us and keeps it from escaping and we stay warm in our body heat in the process.

    Like the Eskimos and Inuits with furs and feathers and whatnot and with little outside heat source.

    Like a seal.

    My house being wind proof makes a big difference.

    I’d rather be in a TeePee or Earth Home and have some wind, but I don’t have these available to me right now.

    I’m looking at building both in the near future.

    This summer I hope.

    A great existence.

    Mine is a trailer house right now.

    I could be warm and comfortable at -50 Below Zero Fahrenheit right now.

    How’s that for a diet plan.

    Turn off the heat and burn fat to stay warm.

    It works.

    My accidental discovery.

    Thank you.

    Tom Bunnell


  9. The big Discovery here is my “Discovery that Sugar and Hybrid Carbohydrates and Caffeine and Alcohol and Nicotine are all Stimulant Drugs with Adrenaline like effects similar to that of Cocaine and Amphetamines and Methamphetamines”, Putting us in a state of Adrenaline like “high” and we don’t know it, We think it’s normal, we like it, we love it

  10. A Definition of Pemmican from the Canadian Encyclopedia

    Pemmican [Cree pimikan, meaning “manufactured grease”] is dried meat, usually BISON, pounded into coarse powder and mixed with an equal amount of melted fat, and occasionally saskatoon berries or other edibles. Cooled and sewn into bison-hide bags in 41 kg lots, pemmican could be stored and shipped with ease to provision FUR-TRADE personnel. Peter POND is credited with introducing this vital food to the trade in 1779, having obtained it from the CHIPEWYANS in the Athabasca region. Later, posts along the Red, Assiniboine and north Saskatchewan rivers were devoted to acquiring pemmican from the Plains Indians and MÉTIS. Pemmican was also made and used outside the region, eg, by the Royal Navy, which provisioned several arctic expeditions with beef pemmican made in England.

  11. Here’s one for you Dr. Jay, and your readers.

    A delicious, out of this world low low carb ice cream recipe.

    My invention after I couldn’t find a decent recipe anywhere.


    Heavy Cream

    That’s it!

    Nothing more

    or no vanilla if you prefer

    Just the heavy cream

    or add





    Whatever you choose

    Simply make the heavy cream into ice cream as you would.

    I like vanilla but the vanilla I used today is 41% alcohol

    I’m looking into real vanilla beans added somehow,

    ground up or whatever

    I didn’t have my ice cream maker cold enough today so I ended up with a milk shake instead

    It was delicious

    I ate the whole thing

    I bought a “Deni Ice Cream Maker” used for $6 at a second hand store
    (I’m not Italian but these people are)
    Can you tell? Ha ha

    I’m not that poor I just like good deals

    You simply freeze the bowl in your freezer

    Put it on the machine when you want to make ice cream

    Add the cream and vanilla or whatever

    Turn it on and twenty minutes later you have ice cream

    Add nuts or berries to your liking

    Sometimes put it back in the freezer if you want it harder with the already made ice cream inside it

    It will harden up to your liking

    I added Walnuts to mine

    Two pints Heavy Cream
    it says zero carbs but that it less than one carb per serving
    64 servings
    64 Grams Carbs
    (on the high side)

    Alcohol about a teaspoon
    ??? Carbs

    4 Grams Carbs per one ounce serving
    about 1/4 cup per serving

    4 servings = 16 Grams

    Total Carbs:
    Heavy Cream 64 Grams
    Walnuts 16 Grams

    Total Carbs
    80 Grams = Quart (32 ounces)

    One pint ice cream
    40 Grams

    One cup ice cream
    20 Grams

    Calories per serving

    Calories from fat per serving

    64 total servings for the two pints

    One quart

    3200 calories + Nuts or Berries

    800 calories per cup

    All fat

    I also think it might not trigger me

    I will let you know



  12. That ice cream ends up being 27 grams carbs for a half gallon vs 128 grams carbs for a half gallon of regular ice cream.

    1.8927 Liters

    Vanilla Ice Cream

    Still 3200 calories


  13. It’s twice what I just said for a half gallon.

    The above numbers are for a quart.

    Half gallon is 54 Grams, still pretty good.

    Quart 27

    Pint 13 1/2

    cup 6.6

    Sorry about that.

  14. Posted Specifically for Peter Attia, M.D.


    Everything we see, hear, think and do, is related to our sugar and carbohydrate consumption and speed and adrenaline and stimulant drugs thereof

    This takes the “you are what you eat” assumption to a whole nether level.

    The mental, thought, mind, spiritual, brain, emotional, senses, intellectual, “feelings”, thought processing, thinking, — level.

    A whole bunch more, level.

    “It makes everything more”
    -Sean Penn

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Referring to speed(amphetamines)


    Doctors Prescriptions…

    Natural emotions and instincts from a group of monkeys

    Gone awry

    Drug crazed stimulated monster monkeys having fun and wantonly killing one another and dominating all of those around them in pursuit of their hierarchy

    and females

    and sex

    Their pecking order

    exaggerated by ten thousand fold

    Then attacking other groups and troops from the area and enslaving them, until finally building vast armies and networks

    Taking over the whole region

    Then taking over other regions

    Eventually whole continents

    Then with boats and rafts

    other islands and continents

    Dreaming up gods

    Becoming Kings


    ruling all


    Brought on by

    1: “Speed”

    2: “Sugar”

    3: “Carbohydrates”

    4: Caffeine

    5: Alcohol

    6: “Nicotine”

    7: Tobacco

    8: Chocolate

    In our food and drink

    we soon learned to acquire through agriculture and farming and raising and producing and processing, these now abundant food sources

    1: “Wheat”

    2: “Grain”

    3: “Fruit”

    4: “Vegetables”

    5: “Milk”

    6: “Leaves”

    7: “Seeds”

    8: “Roots”

    9: “Pods”

    Eaten, drank, breathed and absorbed



    “Gangs Formed”


    “Sexuality , enhanced, distorted, multiplied





















    our world turned upside down

    everything gone awry

    not a living soul once knowing









    this moment

    this instant



    …plagued by unknowing


    Have a Great Day!

  15. Most Famous People of the Last 6,000 Years

    1. Aristotle

    2. Plato

    3. Jesus Christ

    4. Socrates

    5. Alexander the Great

    6. Leonardo Da Vinci

    7. Confucius

    8. Julius Caesar

    9. Homer

    10. Pythagoras

    11. Tom Bunnell

  16. Alcohol is the highest form of sugar. — Alcohol along with refined sugar, wheat, milk, caffeine and tobacco and the rest of the hybridized plant life, including fruit and grain and most vegetables, legumes, nuts, honey, rice, potatoes and corn are all man made stimulant drugs.

    Powerful stimulant drugs like cocaine and amphetamine.

    Hundreds of times more sugar and stimulant than nature ever provided or intended.

    In these quantities and concentrations causing adrenaline and dopamine and other hormonal responses and effects to the human body chemistry and nervous system.

    Profoundly and dramatically effecting our emotions and minds and senses and feelings and thought processes, our sexuality, aggression, the way we see and think and feel.

    Our instincts exaggerated a thousand times over.

    The root seed creating massive waring cultures and societies and civilizations and sophistication and education.

    The root of all learning and education and science and medicine.

    This, completely unknown until right now, right here, with this letter.

    My message to you. Thank you, Tom Bunnell

  17. Dr. Jay


    Dennis Banks of AIM, is now fighting diabetes, since about 2009 I believe, when he got diabetes himself.

    American Indian Movement

    He has held “Longest Walks” to Washington D.C. and all over America since 2011 and each year thereafter.

    This year is to be a Motorcycle Rally (Walk) 2014 October of this year, I think.

    He knows little or nothing of “My Big Fat Diet” Dr. Jay Wortman “Native American Traditional Diet”.

    He is following mostly current conventional wisdom doctoring and finding his way on his own as best he can and making his own important discoveries in the process.

    I have several messages sent to him and am getting a copy of “My Big Fat Diet” to him as we speak.

    I have a dozen feelers and messages reaching out to reach him right now.

    I believe this will finally, along with the Katie Couric “FED UP” Documentary (2014), (Coming out to the public in September), (DVD Blueray), for everybody to see, will finally “get the ball rolling”.

    You nailed it from the very beginning Dr. Jay.

    Fantastic work and a wonderful discovery!

    You will finally be getting the recognition you deserve, and more importantly, “knowing you are not in this for “Fame” but rather for the health and benefit of your people and the worlds peoples.

    I’m encouraging our local people here in “White Earth” and “Red Lake” Minnesota to seek you out and try to get a group of participants together and do a follow up study and Documentary with this new group (Stateside) (Reservations) here in this part of Minnesota-America.

    (United States)

    I’m sure Dennis will be “key” in this.

    He will see the truth and relevance in your discovery immediately.

    You presented it so beautifully.

    Best to you, and thank you.

    Thank You, Tom Bunnell

  18. Dr. Jay

    Just a thought Dr. Jay but maybe you might want to hook up with these guys here in a few weeks in Seattle.

    August 23, 2014, I think it is.

    A motorcycle ride to Washington DC

    DC the middle of September I think.

    Dennis is borrowing a three wheeler for himself.

    I know you Ski.

    Bring the little one along or bring everybody in a van or something, and travel along.

    It will be great.

    About three weeks getting to Washington DC

    Visiting dozens of reservations and tribes along the way.

    Would be a wonderful experience for you all.

    Thanks and best,


  19. Sorry,

    Now I get this and no answer to the phone # or answer from the email address as of yet.

    I’ll keep you posted. Sorry again..

    Sometimes stuff gets messed up with the organizers, we got a little time though if it’s August 23, 2014 instead of August 11, 2014

    August 23 – Sept 27, 2014
    Starting Locations: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego
    End Location: Washington D.C.
    An 18,000 mile motorcycle ride to draw attention to the ill-effects of diabetes in Indian country. Organized by Dennis Banks.
    218-556-8429 or email:

    Dr. Jay,

    I’ll keep you posted and get the correct information to you when I get some responses and feedback.



    (PS, — That doesn’t mean this is trivial, it’s just looks like the organizers for this are having some problems) (it’s new)(motorcycles)(different rules and laws to abide too)(also probably a different public interest)(possibly some unwarranted and unwanted interests)(it’s a big world)Thanks

  20. Dr. Jay

    I’m just guessing but I see where the Annual Sturgis, South Dakota, Biker Rally, starts today August 4, 2014, and runs through August 11, 2014, the day Dennis Banks and his friends had originally planned to leave Seattle and LA and San Francisco for the Motorcycle “Run” to DC.

    I’m thinking with all of that Biker traffic on the highway they decided to postpone everything until August 23, 2014.

    Makes sense.

    Might have been something in DC also.

    When I get firm news I’ll let you know.

    You will never be sorry if you join this Run.

    Great people, 100% I promise you.

    Thanks, Tom

  21. Tom Bunnell Aug 11 (5 days ago)
    Goodie, Please send me information about where and when to gather in Seattle…

    Dawn C.
    9:34 PM (2 hours ago)

    I just spoke to Dennis. The Northern Route is considering starting in Tulalip, north of seattle on the 24th.
    my home phone # is 218 659 4379.
    my cell is 218 398 5078.

  22. MESSAGE TO ALL FROM DENNIS BANKS, AIM LEADER/ELDER: “We are asking people to help us in our WAR ON DIABETES”. Dennis Banks, 77, a cofounder of the American Indian Movement, is seeking state coordinators to organize activities associated with the 18,000 mile “Declare War on Diabetes” motorcycle run across America.

    The motorcycle run will have four staring locations in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego on August 23 with the final destination of the nation’s capital, Washington, DC on September 27, 2014.

    There will be a 1,000 drum concert in the nation’s capital.

    The Nowa Institute released the announcement so that tribes and others who want to be part of the pre-planning of this historic motorcycle run can do so now. Those interested in assisting and supplying diabetes materials may email Goody Cloud at 218- 556-8429 or email:

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