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  1. Dr. Wortman,

    We’re going to be showing the DVD/video at the Friday Harbor Library on San Juan Island on September 5th. Is there any chance you might be in the area to come for a discussion?

    Dr. Jay’s Repy:

    I would love to come, however, I will not be able to confirm until closer to the date. It will depend on what other job-related demands I have around that time. I will stay in touch by e-mail.

  2. Dr. Jay

    I just ordered my copy of My Big Fat Diet on DVD.

    My DVD’s will start coming out in the next several months and I will be able to make and distribute them all for free from my non-profit studio.

    They will come non-stop every few months and on into infinity.

    This thing is huge and pressing.

    We need some wealthy people to kick in on this so more of the word can be spread and faster.

    Lives are being lost and untold and preventable suffering by the young and old alike is now possible with yours and my discovery,.

    The world’s got to know.

    Dr. Jay’s Reply:

    I hope you enjoy the DVD. Good luck with yours, too.

  3. Dr. Jay

    I just got to watch your movie right now for the first time very this moment.

    The first thing that strikes me is the infancy of this project and how really virgin we all are. — Uncharted waters and unknown virgin territory.

    What you have accomplished here goes way beyond anything known or in existence on this earth today.

    Your documentary people did an exceptional job for you, top to bottom. — They got the message and they got it in it’s context as it stands in the world today and they got it right down to the lone individuals and there plight as well as there successes.

    Your participants were wonderful.

    There isn’t any question that what you have initiated here will have percussion’s the world over.

    This is the most perceptual and down to earth program ever in existence.

    It is also the most important!

    Your naysayer pointed directly to the challenges we face from the current and popular mentality that exists today.

    I’m sure you have moved this along steadily since it’s inception.

    The remarkable thing is that the newspapers and televisions and news media in general haven’t picked up on this yet.

    There should be banner headlines shouting. — “First Nations People Discover Cure for Diabetes and Related Health Problems” and the story should be your DVD.

    You have discovered and implemented the cause and the cure for fifty if not ninety percent of the worlds health problems. Not to mention the mental as well as the psychical aspects in this discovery.

    Imagine, we discovering that a traditional diet improves our psychical and mental being and health by about a thousand percent.

    Now imagine this being a discovery!

    This defies description.

    Do you realize that you have the cure for mans insatiable greed the world over. The greed that has destroyed this earth.

    This needs to reach every village in every nation the world over immediately.

    Loved ones are burying loved ones unnecessarily for something this simple and that can cure these ills.

    We got to move this along faster.

    To many are being lost unnecessarily.

    I am ordering the higher priced version right now. If I’m not mistaken it is meant to be showed to larger audiences.

    If I had my way and I had the money I would buy the rights to this and give it to the world.

    This is like finding the cure for AIDS and Polio and Small Pox and about a dozen other catastrophe’s and sitting on it.

    It’s to vital a discovery not to move along.

    There is enough money out there to accomplish this, we just got to find the right people.

    Congratulation to you and everybody involved in this, The Great Spirit is at work here and always has been. Simply for the taking.

    We got off track and were getting back on.

    Looking forward to watching this thing grow and working with you .

    Thank You
    Tom Bunnell

    Dr. Jay’s Reply:

    I am glad you like the documentary. I hope it will eventually find an American broadcaster.

  4. Dr. Jay

    I can’t imagine why PBS and Frontline are not showing and highlighting this, full feature!

    Is it being held for commercial profit and that is the hold up or what?

    If it is then let’s start a fund raising campaign right now and get whatever amount of money is necessary and buy it and turn it over to the public good!

    If that’s not the problem then let’s get a promotional campaign going to get this where it belongs!

    There isn’t any question that this is way ahead of any average mentality and average comprehensibility but it’s so true that there is no doubt whatever that it will ring through once exposed.

    You rolled the snowball off the mountain but it got caught by a mighty branch right after it started down. — We are going to remove that branch!

    I myself will personally work fervently on this to that end until this is accomplished!

    This is far to important to allow it to sit idle!

    Dr. Jay’s Reply:

    I don’t think it is a question of raising money to get it broadcast. I think what is required is for an American broadcaster to get interested in it and then it would have a chance to get aired. It is being shown at the Native American Film Festival in San Francisco this week so that may be an opportunity. Here’s hoping.

  5. Dr. Jay

    That sounds encouraging. — I have some American Indian Movement friends here in White Earth, Minnesota as well as the White Earth Tribal Council and Winona LaDuke of The White Earth Land Recovery Project that I will contact and offer a viewing of My Big Fat Diet! — This will have an impact for sure! Nobody can see this work and not become enlightened!

    I currently have my copies of My Big Fat Diet circulating with some other local groups and communities around here and I’m planning on having a showing at our Community and Cultural Center and Theater here in Detroit Lakes.


    Once this catches fire I believe it will spread rapidly throughout all of the Americas and Canada and the United States and the entirety of the North American and South American Continents and then follow suit throughout the entire rest of the world!.

    Thank You, — I am honored to be able contribute to such a worthy, life altering cause!

  6. I think the tribes are better able to see through white mans plunders and blunders and the reality of the traditional diet approach more so than anybody else because of there unique position in all this. — We will all benefit immensely once this truth and reality become known and commonplace.

  7. Hi Dr Jay
    I have been getting in to the diet slowly
    As I started I found I was getting the same results as you, sugar going to normal, loosing weight, no sleep in the afternoon etc
    I started to feel felt a lot better
    I had to stop my medication as the pills would take me sugar too low.
    I will post more in the next newspaper
    Thank you for your work

    Dr. Jay’s Reply:

    It all seems to hinge on compliance. The more you can stick to a low-carb diet the better the results. And the power of the diet is often greater than that of the antihypertensive and hypoglycemic medications, so your observation that you had to get of the meds is quite correct. Sometimes people don’t realize this and can end up feeling badly, with too low blood pressure and too low blood sugar. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

  8. Taanshi, hello, Dr. Jay,

    I just received the copy of the DVD I purchased over the Internet. I have watched it and have now passed it on to my family doctor along with links to your blog and to clinical research you and your associates have done. I am very hopeful that he will get on board.

    My husband’s cholesterol has gone up since going off Statin drugs. We just go the results back and I am hoping that he will now agree to trying your plan. How long do you think it will take before a test might show changes in his blood chemistry? (BTW, his fasting sugar was fantastic: 5.5. However, he has many of the risk factors for “pre-diabetes”.) It would be good for him to have at least an interim goal marker for this new way of eating. Just getting my husband to try it is asking a lot of someone who loves (is addicted to?!) carbohydrates! LOL!

    By the way, would you mind sending me your email address? Or, would you prefer me contacting you this way?

    Eekoshi pitamaa.
    Camperville, MB

    Dr Jay’s Reply:

    My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. I am glad you are sharing the documentary. It is a good teaching tool.

    If you think your husband is at risk but he has normal fasting blood glucose, there are other things that can indicate if a problem is developing. The problem with doing a FBG is that the body can maintain normal values even after you start to develop insulin resistance. Since we don’t test for insulin resistance (by testing insulin response) and look only at the FBG we can miss that. A good surrogate marker is the lipid profile. We are told to be concerned about a high total cholesterol and high LDL when, in fact, the most important markers are the HDL and triglyceride readings. If the HDL is tending to be low and the triglycerides are tending to be high, even if they are still within normal limits, this is a pretty reliable indicator of insulin resistance. You can ignore LDL and total cholesterol and focus on getting the triglycerides down and the HDL up. This can be achieved by following a very low carb/high fat diet. If you do this, LDL takes care of itself in the sense that the LDL becomes healthier. This is measured by LDL particle size, but, again it is not something that we routinely test. However, if you stick to a low-carb diet and you get HDL up and triglycerides down, you can assume that the LDL particle size has shifted to the healthy type.

    Hope this is useful advice.

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  11. I can’t see any way of purchasing a DVD. I live in the UK – is there any way of being able to see this DVD please?

    Dr Jay’s Reply:

    The producer has a website, http://www.mybigfatdiet.net, where she sells the DVD. Since they are primarily in the production business, sometimes they can be a little slow in responding to demand. If all else fails, let me know and I can get a copy to you.

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