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The Republicans and Democrats share two key characteristics. The finance industry is the leading political contributor to both parties and both parties’ views of finance are largely shaped by neoclassical economic views that are false, destructive, and so dogmatically held that they have remained immune to repeated falsification by reality.

– William K Black

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When I read this comment by Prof. Bill Black, an outspoken critic of the out-0f-control US financial sector, it struck me that he is describing a situation very similar to what we see in the nutritional science and agri-food sector. The way that the influence of monied industry interests has distorted the process in their favour at the expense of the general public is eerily similar in both cases, IMHO. We go on clinging to an obviously discredited paradigm in the face of compelling evidence to the contrary while chronic disease rates rise and health status goes into decline. Why?

I shall be blogging more on this topic soon.

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  1. In 1918 my dad was named after Thomas Lawson, a somewhat famous “Union” leader and organizer from New York City, who had made millions of dollars in the “Wall Street Stock Market”. He plainly could see the hypocrisy and manipulation of the wealthy and banking people holding the wealth, throughout the Stock Market and Insurance and Banking Industries. — He could see the ruthless destruction of mankind and the earth itself, as a result of these wealthy manipulators who were causing in the making of money, and how they had taken over our government and the lobbying taking place for their own special interests and profit and power and wealth. The “power brokers” with roots straight out of the “kingdoms” and the kingdoms mentality. This is where we had come too after the 1776 armed revolution and war, separating us from England and the forming of The United States of America. Two hundred years, in 1976 from 1776. A lot of people say it has Jewish Roots. I have never believed that myself but I could be wrong. Whomever they are, they had bought and owned our United States Government. He was an early whistle blower and plainly saw the injustice’s taking place.

    “Old English Law”.

    George Bush Senior was groomed by these “oil interests”, “Black Gold” people, and became a president of one of their oil companies first and then head and president of the CIA and then of course, President of The United States of America.

    Never once knowing he was a puppet and bureaucrat of these manipulators.

    George Jr. the same.

    They had “nested” in the Christian, Republican, Patriotic, Right.

    A vested interest and where the power be, and then “damned” and “demonized” and branded as ‘Socialists” and “Communists” and “Marxists” anybody, opposing them from their take over for their own greed and capital and special interests.

    They had taken over and installed ruling governments in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as well as Iran and Iraq and Egypt and Jordan and several other countries.

    They had taken over the whole world, earlier in history.

    Trillions upon trillions of dollars of this “Black Gold” at stake, then and now, and currently.

    “Stimulated Greed”, completely unnatural to man in my belief’s, and caused by all of the sugars and hybrid carbohydrates and caffeine and alcohol and nicotine and the effects, and consumption of same.




    The United States Calvary”.

    “The Indian Wars”.

    A pint of “whisky” a day to each soldier.

    Plus all of the above sugars and carbohydrates and caffeine and tobacco.

    “Desert Storm”in Kuwait, preceding 9-11-2001, being a recent slaughter by our american military troops, of hundreds of thousands of sons and fathers and uncles and daddies and grandpa’s and men fighting this takeover by a foreign power.

    ie, “British Petroleum” and Standard and Shell and Gulf Oil and Others.

    These people control our military.

    In the name of “vital energy needs”.

    “The Good Guy’s”.

    The “White Hats”.

    Wall Street and Parliament and The Kingdoms.

    Desert Storm and “Shock and Awe” being launched from Saudi Arabian soil.

    9-11 being, Saudi Arabians seeking “revenge” and saving face.

    Eighteen of the twenty attackers of our “World Trade Centers”, being Saudi Arabian, individuals, I believe.

    Dick Chaney and George Bush Jr. kissing the cheeks of the ruling sheiks and royal family we had “installed earlier.

    It was not them.

    We were not mad at them.

    Our friends and allies.

    They has disassociated from Bin Laden earlier.

    A strategic move.

    These wealthy cronies control our media and perceptions and thoughts and the way we see things, as best they can, globally.

    To their advantage and with little to no, regard.

    They choose what we want and what we like and wear and eat and believe.

    How we think.

    These computers could be their undoing.

    Thomas Lawson teamed up with the publisher of “Everybody’s” Magazine, the “Readers Digest” of it’s era and day, and continued his fight for many years through it’s publications and editorials, it being passed from one farm family to another and one community to another and for many years, throughout the country.

    In the end realizing “nobody cared” and having spent his millions trying, said “the hell with it” and went back to “Wall Street” to attempt to make more money again as his had depleted, but pretty much failed in his attempt and died penniless some decades later, a pauper.

    Thank You
    Thomas Lawson Bunnell

  2. A great little book on this topic is “Death of the Liberal Class” by Chris Hedges (not to be confused with Chris Hitchens) Hedges traces the economic history of the USA and the corporate oligarchy that uses democracy as window dressing to hide behind. Indeed the whole industrial, grain/sugar based food paradigm is just one branch of this oligarchy. We are all commodities to be exploited both externally (socio-economically) in internally (physiologically) for profit. We are convinced to eat the poison and then we are convinced of a false antidote that leads to lifelong, progessively worsening disease management that begins with Tylenol and ends in palliative care.

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