Personal Best

Ski season is winding down. Issy did 25 days. By the end she was getting bored with the usual runs and started demanding to go over the jumps in the terrain park. We looked a sight with her getting a little air on each jump and me following behind hanging onto the tether. Alex and I did about 35 days and had some good double black diamond runs and I was able to shave another minute off my Peak to Creek time.

Here is the latest – 7 km in 5 minutes for an average speed of 84 kph (52 mph).

I added some suitable music. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Personal Best

  1. Congratulations on your season. What will you do in the off season?

    Dr Jay’s Reply:

    The off season is a little slower paced. We spend time on the water and do some mountain biking, as well. We go to Kootenay Lake for at least a couple of weeks where we are on the sailboat everyday. Alex does an additional two weeks in the sailing school near where we live so he is on the water for more than a full month each summer. Issy loves the sailboat, too, and asks to go sailing whenever she spots a boat in the waters near our home. I used to love playing golf in the summer but, until the kids are both old enough to play, that will remain a bygone memory.

  2. Wow! That looks fun!

    I like the Kaiser helmet look on your shadow from the helmet-mounted camera.

    Seems like it was early in the day on cold, fast snow; I saw un-skied groom lines along the way. Be careful or you might get frostbite at those speeds so early in the day.

    Dr Jay’s Reply:

    I thought the helmet cam made me look like a cartoon space invader. Yes, it was early in the day and crisp. You can tell by the big plumes of snow that the skis kick up on some of the turns.

  3. Absolutely fantastic! — I have a 42 inch Panasonic Viera Plasma and Onkyo 7.2 Surround Sound System and Apple TV. — If the world could only know.

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