Issy’s ski season has started

The ski season at Whistler is off to a good start with lots of early season snow. My little 39 month old, low-carb n=1, Issy, was eager to get on the slopes. It took only a few runs for her to get back to form, having skied 27 days last season. She is still on the tether but has figured out how to stop and turn independently. I expect she will be skiing free of the tether by the New Year. She is enrolled in the ski school starting in January. We are looking forward to a great season.

5 thoughts on “Issy’s ski season has started

  1. Third Chimp

    Or, could this in fact be a good thing and the only way for the “parent to get the child’s attention” and for his own good, and of absolute necessity.

    To me, anything that get’s this thing on the table for discussion is a good thing.

    I like your “handle” by the way and always take note of your posts.

    Epidemic and catastrophe doesn’t even begin to describe this dilemma we face.

    Keep up the great work and Thank’s, Tom

    I remember when in the early 1980’s the highest ranking woman in the Navy, “ever”, an Admiral, when asked about computers and software, in a Public Television Interview, in full uniform she responded.

    “We are in it’s “infancy”, Kindergarten at best, an unfathomable future lie ahead .

    The ‘Digital Age” had begun.

    “Silicone Valley, barely existing.

    Bill Clinton when publicly leaving a meeting at his first “Orientation” as President of The United States, in front of the CIA and Pentagon and with the cameras rolling as he came out of the building, publicly stated.

    It’s “mind boggling”.

    A short while later he released it to the masses.

    “The World Wide Web” and the Internet and Computers and Technology and Software and the “Digital Chip”.

    The “postage stamp” that can now hold and transmit an entire library, and in full living color and technicolor and dolby surround sound with 3D.

    Einstein said that one must know geometry in order to understand and comprehend the vastness of this universe and where we have been and where we are going.

    To say she was “forward” thinking and “brilliant” in her observations, would have been an understatement.

    All we got to do is look at what is happening “right here” “right now”, we being very much a part of.


  2. Dr. Jay

    My two cents on the “exercised off” weight loss.

    I, like you, don’t believe in it.

    Forced exercise alters our metabolism and digestion and body chemistry and discourages millions of people from attempting weight loss thinking this is the only way to do it.

    Reduced calories and exercise.

    In other words, “starvation” and “sweating” the pounds off.


    Impossible for millions of us.

    We can’t take that much suffering and for the length of time involved and then forever after that.

    We are doomed to failure and we know it.

    That said, this thing about we morbidly obese people going from the couch to the bed and then back again, with occasional food stops at the stove and refrigerator and bathroom, don’t cut it either.

    Our modern lifestyles are far too lethargic.

    Turn up the thermostat, turn on the facet, etc etc etc.

    Sit, sit sit and lay, lay lay and not a whole lot more a lot of the time and for the whole day long and nighttime too.

    Then go to bed.

    So “replacement exercise” is the one I have come to believe in.

    Simply walking some sort of small distance and maybe some aerobics or something simple like that.

    Soft, easy stuff, to get your juices flowing a little bit.

    Far better than nothing.

    That and our low carb, high fat diet, and the weight will slowly come off and we will get to feeling better and better and desire to get around more than just sitting and laying all day and night.

    I am fortunate in that I have an olympic size pool with only four feet of water in it available to me at our health center just a few miles away in town, so I can just walk in and stand their in the pool and then move around and stretch a little and loosen myself up and then just by nature and boredom from standing their I start to strut and move around a little and end up enjoying myself immensely for about an hour of various movements sometimes.

    Very enjoyable.

    Never swimming once, ever and I swim like a fish.

    I’m a perfect example of failure but I keep trying.

    The “addiction” thing and “binging” is what kills me.

    I’ll get their someday.

    Thanks, Tom

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