This gives me hope.

There is an annual diabetes update course, primarily for physicians, that has included me in the program over the past few years. I am encouraged by the interest that my lecture generates. I have presented four times and, each time, I have received the highest evaluation from the attendees. My perception is that both the organizers of the conference and the audience are growing more receptive to the idea of using a ketogenic diet for the management of diabetes. I attach FYI the evaluation report from my most recent lecture. It gives me hope.

Diabetes Conference Evaluation

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  1. Very perplexing this theory you have regarding sugars and diabetes.

    Plant life and fruits and vegetables that we have always considered to be natures true and perfect foods now being poisonous dangerous drugs.

    You suggesting that the majority of them being sugar laden and the cause of diabetes and heart disease and cancer and a myriad of other disease.

    Even organic, heirloom plant life.

    The “hybrid factor” completely unknown to them.

    Egyptian and Mayan cultures is as far back as I can get with the high breeding.

    Slavery and “godlike” selves and “war and armies and killing”.

    Building unbelievable and incomprehensible structures and shrines to themselves and God.

    Stimulated beings.

    Completely unnatural to man.

  2. Great work Jay. Slowly but surely the word is getting through. Reduce the carbs that raise blood glucose and reduce the very often ineffective, expensive and at times dangerous medication.

    Eddie Mitchell

    Dr Jay’s Reply:

    Thanks for your support, as always. And keep up the good work yourself.

  3. I imagine that for doctors, nurses, dietitians, etc. accepting that the advice they have been giving out has not only been ineffective but may very well have harmed the very people they were meant to help, will be a slow a painful process..once they work through this, (and they must!) they can move forward and start making a positive difference in their patients’ lives.

    Last May when I went on the Low Carb Cruise..I was so impressed by the large number of people that have changed their lives by low carb and paleo eating. What an inspiration! Literally thousands of pounds lost and kept off by this group of fun and happy people.. It is not talked about enough, you feel happier when you live this way. See you and Issy in May.

    Dr Jay’s Reply:

    We are looking forward to the cruise. Issy is very keen.

  4. This Netflix Documentary of Dr. Furhman’s, “Vegan” is the Counterpart of “My Big Fat Diet” and is well filmed, edited and realistic.

    For those without Netflix you can “Google” Dr. Fuhrman, Vegan, Documentary.

    He makes several appearances throughout the film, something like you do Dr. Jay in your Documentary.

    They believe as fully as we do and reason accordingly, adamant in their views.

    The “hybrid factor” and the “stimulant drug factor” and the grossly high sugar content in our plant foods and the harm it causes, a complete unknown to them.

    As is the slaughtering and “crushing” and processing and growing conditions and eating of “Baby Seeds” and Adult Plant Flesh Life.

    Very well meaning people, as ourselves.

    Thanks, Tom

  5. The longevity and perfect health factor with most humans living to be over 100 years old along with something close to zero infant mortality throughout the america’s, as well as asia and africa and australia and all of the rest of this worlds populations, even and including european’s themselves at one time.

    Before the migrations and european takeovers, everybody lived to be over 100 years old and in perfect health.

    All the kings horses and all the kings men.

    Of course there were some losses but that is not the average.

    The people that you are talking to believe the exact opposite to be the truth.

    Modern medicine and sanitary conditions being our salvation.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Try telling that to a bunch of educated boneheads.

  6. This one is called beautiful truth.

    Netflix is a goldmine in documentaries.

    This one speaks directly to food and health, albeit another huge miss, is my take.

    I’ll leave you all with this one and not post anymore Netflix Documentaries, I’m still here, just not overdoing these as I know how time consuming they are and not everybody wants to see the big spread in thought processes.

    I do and this is a real beauty.

    Gives perspective as to how difficult our endeavor is is my view, with all of the diversified rabbit trails going on out there and everywhere in circles.

    It does speak plainly to the need for something to be done about such a massive epidemic as is occurring.

    My documentary is being formulated as we speak.

    Thank you, Tom

  7. Hi Jay, I just wanted to tell you that I finally finished my nutrition course, passing with flying colours. I’m now a RNCP (Registered Nutritional Counselor Practitioner) to add to my services as an RMT. I am so greatful to you, Gary Taubes, Lierre Keith, and all who came before you who have put clarity and truth above career and sometimes even safety (Lierre). I am especially greatful to the CBC and TVO. Without them I may not have ever heard of any of you. Now if we can just PBS to dump its Ornishesque stance on diet and health. A thousand thankyous!! -Fred Cory, Cobourg ON.

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